What is the best food and how do you choose the right brand of pet food for your fluffy friend?

  1. The right consistency: pet food can be categorised in wet (tin) or dry forms. It is always best to ask your vet what is right for your individual pet.
  2. The size of the meal: I always get asked “How much should I feed my pet?” The easiest way to answer is to consider the age and weight of your pet and use the feeding guideline that usually comes on the package.
  3. Ingredients: Apart from paying attention to the percentage of protein, fat, fibre, calories etc, it is really important to know what the source of the protein is in the brand we are looking to use. Chicken, beef, kangaroo, turkey and fish are the common ones. Knowing this would help to avoid the protein source that might be at blame of causing food intolerance and allergies.
  4. Palatably is another important factor. Some brands are known to be more palatable but it can be up to your pet’s taste to go for it or turn their nose away from it!
  5. Some pets need to be on prescription diets. If your pet is on one of the special diets you need to follow your vet’s instruction as changing the type or mixing it with other food can neutralize the benefits of these diets.

Last but not least, if you are in doubt always talk to your vet and they will help you to pick the right diet to keep you beloved pet healthy and in shape!