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  • Author: Tess Scholfield-Peters

What’s in a TITLE?

TITLE Store’s Ian Underwood is at home amongst the records, books and film collections of the Crown Street store.

He floats between the shelves and answers questions from browsing customers with ease and enthusiasm, as if it were his personal collection they were perusing.

Since 2017, the Trinity has been overhauled into an exciting, new-look-venue for locals to enjoy. According to new owners, brother-sister team Anna and Peter Calligeros, the aim in redeveloping the Trinity was to create an environment that not only drew you in, but kept your custom and invited .

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Seoul to Soul

Soul Dining was meant to open in Walsh Bay, but due to some last minute plan changes (or “destiny” as co-owner Illa called it) Soul has ended up on Devonshire Street.

Illa, Daero and Kim met decades ago back in South Korea. Illa’s background is .

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Q+A with Snake Pit

After a few minutes talking to Concetta Caristo, Maddie Houlbrook-Walk and John Robles, I was hooked on their electric chemistry and infectious silliness. The three friends met through theatre sports at Sydney Uni and formed their slithery improv trio in 2017. Now their magic spontaneity and hilarious scenes .

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